A story about the Beltran’s Family business

The Beltran’s Family- Photo by: Jasmine Padilla

Valerie and Cesar Beltran have failed before, but this did not stop them. After returning to Colorado from Mexico after the recession, they wanted more. They had raised six children and operated a business in New Mexico, so they did have entrepreneurship experience. The married couple came back to Colorado realizing they needed to start all over again. Starting with government jobs, but were very limited to what they could accomplish.

Cesar is from Chihuahua, Mexico, and Valerie Beltran is from Denver, Colorado. They each have two children from previous marriages and two…

“Things are just different.”

Photo by: Jasmine Padilla

Katerina Lopez is a local server and bartender at Rodizio Grill located in Fort Collins. She attends school while maintaining a full-time job. In her time at Rodizio Grill, Katerina has been a regular presence behind the bar and on the floor: pouring drinks, running food, talking to guests, and attending to all guests needs while also making sure they are having a good time. But things have been very weird compared to what she is used to. …

The Fort Collins restaurant industry must adapt and innovate to survive

Image by: Jasmine Padilla

The pandemic due to COVID-19, gave the restaurant industry little to no time to create strategies for keeping their doors open, let alone provide job security for thousands of employees employed within a restaurant. Fort Collins restaurants did anything they could to keep the business coming and many people don’t realize the extent of new changes in which employees are handling in order to ensure food and health safety to the Fort Collins community. Here are just 5 adaptations employees are facing.

  1. ) Gloves and masks at ALL times

Jasmine Padilla

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